Working Woman

Working Woman Warriors

  • Do you wake up with a pit in your stomach?

  • Are you constantly checking emails?  

  • Worried that everyone will find out you aren’t up for the job?

  • Be more strategic they say….  But what do they mean?

I see you. 

You are overwhelmed.

If you got the job, you are convinced you can’t keep the job.  “I have no idea what I am doing!”


If you want the job, why aren’t you getting the job?  “Why doesn’t my work get recognized?”


What if I told you there is light at the end of the tunnel?

You can feel confident, capable and like a the badass professional you know you are!
You can out strategize the best of them!
You can stop the overwhelm, release the need for perfection and stop feeling like a fraud!
Your hard work will be recognized and not overlooked!
You can be a ZESTy Authenticity Ambassador.

Working Together on Project
Spending the Day Outside

Professional Best Friend

I can help you stop the hamster wheel!  But be warned – as your “Professional Best Friend” - I am NOT here to help you create a vision board and recite mantras to success.  I’m am here to help you take life-changing leaps of faith!  Bold Beautiful Action that will create infinite possibilities!  It all starts with making different choices and pushing the bounds of your comfort zone.

Let’s get started!