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Intentional Choices Create Better Performance

Coaching is a catalyst to improving your thinking and improved thinking inspires better performance in all parts of life. Coaching activates the brain and pulls out stories, beliefs, doubts that may no longer serve you. Through dialogue with a skilled coach, you are able to see connections where you may not have before.


In General, An Executive Coaching Client Will Follow A Process Including:

Zooming In 

Discovery and self reflection through assessments


Planning actions, behaviors, and honoring milestones


Implementing and redirecting as needed


Celebrating wins and creating a plan for long term success


Powerful Coaching

There is no one size fits all when it comes to coaching.  As a coach, I meet the client where he or she is.  I stand by the conviction that powerful coaching and behavior change only occur when patterns of thinking are disrupted.

& Sustainability

A client can implement all of the tools and the systems at his or her disposal, but will only make lasting change if there is personal buy-in.  As such, my style is to laser in and act as a mirror to the client. 

Experience has taught me that once the client views the world differently, the behavior changes occur organically. At this point, systems, tools, and action plans are key to accountability and sustainability.


Coaching Engagements Are Supported By Assessments Including:

Lumina Spark 


Leadership Circle 

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