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Allison Barnes

Who is this person on a ZESTy mission?

My name is Allison.  Allison Barnes.  Nice to meet you!

I am an International Coach Federation certified Coach and Leadership Consultant. 

Fun fact - as a kid, my answer to the question “what to do you want to be when you grow up” was “I want to be a professional best friend.”  Fast forward to today and I am making that happen for individuals and professionals all over the world with a combination of steadfast support, tough love and a jolt of accountability.   

As the daughter of a diplomat, I am technically what you call a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Which is a fancy term for saying I grew up in many different countries, including parts of Europe, Latin America, East Asia and the Middle East.  These experiences acted as a complimentary schooling for me in human motivation, behavior and differences.  They completely impacted the way I see the world, people, and how I approach my work.  They also made me fiercely independent, addicted to travel and constantly chasing change.  

It is not a surprise, then, that in an attempt to recreate the constant change of childhood, I job hopped – a lot.  The good news is, this exposed me to all sorts of personalities and industries – creative, financial services, nonprofit, retail, startup, etc.   I’ve seen firsthand that professional success is driven by specific mindsets and actions, regardless of company.  I found myself an “accidental corporate careerist”… successful, but the TCK in me needed more flexibility!

I chose a ZESTier path for myself… and became my own “Authenticity Ambassador by choosing a lifestyle that gives me the freedom to live in line with my values, allows me to be the best friend to anyone navigating change: new responsibilities, new promotions, new bosses, stepping their toes into entrepreneurialism, or feeling stuck and looking for change.


So…. I ask you, what is a ZESTier life for YOU?  How can YOU become your own Authenticity Ambassador?

You can learn more about my coaching approach by clicking here 

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