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I believe that anything is possible.  In a competitive market, innovation and reflection are essential markers to success. 


Though a variety of offerings, I guide and facilitate individuals and teams to higher levels of achievement, collaboration and productivity. 

Executive / Personal Coaching

Executive coaching is a one-to-one partnership with coach and client that uses feedback, assessments and thought-provoking dialogue to enable an individual to maximize their personal and professional potential.


In general, a coaching client will follow a process including:

  • Discovery (assessments, feedback, and dialogue to drive self-awareness)

  • Planning (actions, behaviors, milestones)

  • Implementation (assess and refine as needed)

  • Creating a sustainability plan 


Each coaching engagement is unique in order to meet the specific needs of the coaching client.  

Leadership Development Training​​​
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness and Communication

  • Change Management

  • Virtual Team Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness/Mind Body Connection

  • Networking & Relationship Building

  • Women in Leadership

High Performing Teams


High performing teams are built on trust, share goals and vision, and effective processes and great communication.  ​


Following a comprehensive needs assessment, we design unique programs to address specific team opportunities and cultures.

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